Tāmaki Makaurau's GRECCO ROMANK Share New Single and Video for 'Romance Writer'

March 18th 2023



Billie Fee (she/her), Mikey Sperring (he/him - Drab Doo Riffs, Bib Kids) and Damian Golfinopoulos (he/him, Stress Cadet) are the members of Grecco Romank, a Tāmaki Makaurau based trio who make electronic music perfectly suited for a European Dungeon Rave.


Since 2020 the band have been releasing luxuriously bogan techno tracks inspired by microgenres like Industrial and Eurodance. Their debut album Red Tower was a critical success in Aotearoa’s underground circles and was accompanied by a perfume entitled Leathery Coward.

Today Grecco Romank share their new single Romance Writer, that's accompanied with a music video made by Britt Walton (Ladyhawke, Viva) and steeped in the Victorian aesthetic of the nineteen seventies. Grecco Romank also announce the support acts for their Wet Exit album release tour, taking place throughout Aotearoa in March / April.



Romance Writer sees Grecco Romank go full method, engaging in an elaborate electronic pantomime.

"Most of our songs don’t present our point of view - but instead the perspective of the characters we conjure. This freedom to inhabit the thoughts and of a cast of characters and perspectives gives the Grecco Romank project a sense of range and dynamism. We can be terrible, arch and severe entities from dystopian worlds or… a romance writer, of the Mills & Boon variety, down and out. His schtick wearing thin. Even his leading heroine becomes possessed with free will, and by the end of Romance Writer she has abandoned the author to a writers block."

"Romance Writer is probably the only song we’ve written that is explicitly about a subject, and it borders on being comedy, but once again: having two vocalists is a sure fire way of letting us switch up tone."

Key members from Aotearoa’s underground music community join Grecco Romank throughout Wet Exit. On Romance Writer the trio are accompanied by Hermione Johnson, a classically-trained pianist, composer, and free-improviser. "We were blessed to work with one of our favourite musicians," says the band. "Hermione brought a Liberace inspired fury of sweet and beguiling accompaniment. Much like the swooning quality that lulls readers into the sickly and sweet genre trappings of romance novels."

The music video for Romance Writer was shot by Britt Walton (Ladyhawke, Viva), with Grecco Romank indulging the new wave Victorian aesthetic of the nineteen seventies. Speaking of the clip, Grecco Romank envisioned that "we see the tortured author come to realise his quickly loosening grip on his strong willed heroine, whose split alter ego is awakened by a dark stranger. But then a series of loaded cliches helps her come to her senses and head for the hills."







Grecco Romank are hitting the road to celebrate the release of Wet Exit. They're live show is unparalleled, reaching tortuously high energy levels that deliver full sonic commitment.
Bird Party, Glass Shards, Goya,
HŌHĀ, Lust Trigger, Michael Logie, and Moider Mother have all been announced the support Grecco Romank. They're live show is the stuff of legend, with the group performance . Catch them at: 
  • March 24: Hamilton - Last Place w. Michael Logie and Glass Shards
  • March 31: Christchurch - Loons w. Lust Trigger and Moider Mother
  • April 1: Dunedin - Dive w. HŌHĀ and special guests
  • April 6: Wellington - Valhalla w. Goya and Bird Party
  • April 14: Auckland - Las Vegas w. special guests
Tickets are available from Undertheradar, grab your ticket before they’re gone!

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