Teen Jackson Boswell Delivers Another Stellar Track With ‘Psycho’

November 25th 2022
Following the release of the era-defining ‘Games’, Jackson Boswell’s next offering solidifies the artist has found his sound, and showcases a more vulnerable side.



Psycho’ is a relatable, captivating track that follows the narrative of an inner conversation with one self and the depth of thoughts that can drive you crazy.


“The song is written as an inner conversation to myself, reflecting on how you can feel like you’re the crazy one and going psycho when the situation is not at all your fault or your responsibility,” Boswell explains. “Anxiety is a really common feeling and I think the song captures that, but can also be interpreted in different ways."


Once again working with good friend and producer Christian Tjandrawinata, the pair's talents continue to compliment each other, and resulted in what is a stunning and meticulously curated track.


With more to come from Jackson Boswell next year, the artist exclaims “I’m super excited for this release and to keep sharing these new songs with people as my sound develops in a way that makes me very excited.”


‘Psycho’ is out now on all streaming platforms. Plus, see Jackson Boswell live at Festival One in January 2023.

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