Tempo "Music and Making It"

March 30th 2011
For it’s 8th time, Hamilton Community Arts Council is organising ‘Tempo-Music and Making it’, which will be held on the weekend of April 1-3.

Music in the Waikato is booming, there are multiple artists based here doing extremely well both nationally and internationally. In order to continue to build on their success TEMPO seeks to inspire up-and-coming musicians, giving them the skills to work, survive and thrive in this industry.

This is the only workshop series of its kind run in Hamilton, and provides opportunities for learning, networking, training and the sharing of information towards professional development. Tempo assists in making the Waikato an even more viable force in the NZ music industry.

Over three days, speakers from key music industries provide seminars and workshops for both the budding and experienced musician. These workshops include:

Songwriting: An in-depth look at crafting lyrics and melodies, and some tips from established songwriters.

Composition: Insights from some of New Zealand's best composers on how to survive as a composer in NZ.

Music in Hamilton: Find out how to run shows in Hamilton; budgeting, promotion, sound systems, venues, and everything else you need to know.

Touring and Gigging: A guide to touring both in NZ and abroad. The things you need to do to make it work.

Music Software 101: An introduction to some of the main pieces of music software and equipment.

Reality Check (things you don't want to know but have to): A run down of the business of being a musician.

Marketing, Technology and the Social Media: How to present yourself as an artist, how to use technology to your advantage, and how you can make a living doing it yourself.

Tickets are only $20. Available now from HCAC- see http://www.hamiltoncitylive.co.nz/ for more details.


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