The Loving Arms' Gorgeous Debut Album Dreaming Over You Is Now Available on Vinyl

March 20th 2023
The Loving Arms' debut album Dreaming Over You is out now on Ghost Records.

Auckland Tāmaki Makaurau quintet The Loving Arms serve up a distinctly Antipodean take on alt-country-soul, and their audiences revel in it: they've played to adoring houses at BIG FAN, Anthology Lounge, Freida Margolis and the Pumphouse, just to name a few. They've been one of Tāmaki Makaurau's best-kept secrets, but with the buzz building around Dreaming Over You, The Loving Arms are fast becoming a hot ticket.  

Songwriter Mark Beesley was part of Ghost Town, a collaboration with Jed Town (Fetus Productions, Features) and together they released the lauded album Sky is Falling in 2017.  For The Loving Arms, Beesley is joined by Dominic Blaazer, Steven Shaw, Bryan Shaw and Catherine Townsend.

When it came to recording Dreaming Over You, The Loving Arms weren't short of material, but producer producer Kerry Furlong of Red Trolley Studios was only interested in songs that bear repeat listens. He culled (and culled), and crafted the tracks that made the cut into a defiantly contemporary yet classic space, where lap steel harmonises with synth. 

Working with Neil Finn as a live engineer taught Furlong something about the virtues of juggling perfection and spontaneity. Sometimes the wrong take is right, and vice versa. 

And Furlong wasn’t interested on crafting a pastiche of Americana. He was about the songs.  If they looked good naked, they could wear anything. 

Graham Reid at Elsewhere says of Dreaming Over You:
"add the confidence of The National to the alt.folk-rock of Neil Young and Magic Numbers' melodic and country sensibilities and you probably are approaching the Loving Arms, whose members have some impressive pedigree."
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