The Response Share New Single ‘All of My Flaws’

September 25th 2020
Christchurch based indie alternative duo The Response release brand new, guitar driven single All Of My Flaws.

After a busy 2020 summer on the road promoting their new album Escaping This Cold Rotation, The Response have been regrouping and further refining their sound, resulting in a collection of new songs. 

Lead single All Of My Flaws dives straight in with a jagged guitar riff against some signature minimalist percussion. Andy’s distorted vocals with long held notes contrast against this background before the verse is split up by an angular interlude that seems to come out of nowhere. The chorus opens right up with lush guitar, sparkling synths, and a refrain that brings perspective to the self doubt expressed earlier in the song.

The Response look forward to taking the stage at new Christchurch festival Go Live! in November, as well as joining the epic lineup for Electric Avenue 2021.

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