Tiny Ruins Announces New Album 'Olympic Girls'

October 19th 2018

Tiny Ruins announces the upcoming release of their new album Olympic Girls on February 1st, 2019. International tastemaker website Stereogum have the premiered the new single and title track 'Olympic Girls' is released with its official music video today October 19th. Olympic Girls is an independent release on Ursa Minor (NZ), Milk! Records (AU), Ba Da Bing (U.S.) and Marathon Artists (UK / EU).

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Directed by Charlotte Evans, the video follows the first acoustic guitar flourish of ‘Olympic Girls' ushering the potent words of Tiny Ruins' Hollie Fullbrook - "Stirring, shaken, all of us waking." The track is buoyant with a rolling energy. "Another day bolder / A love spell rushes you by." Cascading electric guitars counterpoint with a razor-sharp post-punk edge as the drums and bass stampede along, Fullbrook urging an exhilarating shake-up of the status quo - as the chorus dictates, "We were only inches away / still have a long, long way to go."

Album three, Olympic Girls, was produced by bandmate Tom Healy. Patiently built in the same underground lair (Paquin Studios at The Lab in hometown Auckland) as their previous record Brightly Painted One. Whereas that was recorded in three short weeks, the new album was made over a drawn out period of spontaneity and experimentation spanning a year, stridently reaching beyond Fullbrook's formerly minimalist domain. Olympic Girls will be released on LP, CD and digitally on February 1st, 2019.

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