Top 20 Songs Announced for 2017 APRA Silver Scroll Award

July 14th 2017
Congratulations to all those who were nominated!

This Top 20 list was chosen from over 200 entries by a jury of 11 highly qualified and experienced songwriters

Close Your Eyes, by Bic Runga and Kody Nielson, (Bic Runga)
- Cold Steel, by Troy Kingi and Mara TK
- Don't Worry ‘Bout It, by Kingdon Chapple-Wilson, (Kings)
- Green Light, by Ella Yelich-O'Connor, Jack Antonoff, and Joel Little, (Lorde)
- Hate Somebody by Nick Johnston, Philip Hadfield, Brent Harris, and Jonathan Lee (Cut Off Your Hands)
- Horizon, by Hannah Topp, (Aldous Harding)
- Hundred Waters, by Grayson Gilmour and Cory Champion, (Grayson Gilmour)
- If Only, by Te Karehana Toi, (Teeks)
- I Know Not Where I Stand, by Shayne P Carter
- Liability, by Ella Yelich-O'Connor and Jack Antonoff, (Lorde)
- Life of the Party, by Chelsea Jade Metcalf and Leroy James Clampitt, (Chelsea Jade)
- Little Did She Know, by INF aka Amon McGoram, SPYCC aka Daniel Latu, and SmokeyGotBeatz aka Isaiah Libeau, (SWIDT)
- Lucky Girl, by Amelia Murray and Gareth Thomas, (Fazerdaze)
- O Heathcote, by James Milne, (Lawrence Arabia)
- One and Only, by Brooke Singer, (French For Rabbits)
- Rainbow, by Louis Baker and Bradford Ellis, (Louis Baker)
- Richard, by Nadia Reid
- Sober, by Lydia Cole
- Sunday Best, by Seth Haapu
- Urutaa by Lewis de Jong, Henry de Jong, Ethan Trembath, (Alien Weaponry)

The jury for 2017 was Anji Sami (She's So Rad/Sami Sisters), Buzz Moller (Voom), Chris van de Geer (Stellar, Bigpop Studios), Devin Abrams (Pacific Heights/Shapeshifter), Godfrey de Grut (Che Fu/The New Loungehead), Jane de Jong (Ruby Frost), Julia Deans, Hollie Fullbrook (Tiny Ruins), Phil Bell (DJ Sir-vere), Rob Ruha, Sandy Mill (SJD/The Bellbirds).

You will note changes to the judging process this year.

We have increased the number of songwriters on the initial jury to ensure broad genre diversity and we will from now on always have Te Reo Maori well represented. We are also making that list public for the first time, so you can appreciate the calibre of the people who have worked very hard to whittle the list of more than 200 entries down to 20.

We changed the conditions to allow only one song to be entered per songwriter, or group of songwriters.
There are two exceptions to the rule:
Where a songwriter may have written works for more than one band/artist/performer, they can enter a maximum of one work for each different band/artist/performer they have written for.
Where a songwriter may have written works with different co-writers, they can enter a maximum of one work for each different co-writer combination they have worked with.
This meant there were several songwriters able to enter two songs because there were different co-writers involved, or because there was a different feature vocalist involved, or they had written one song for themselves, but another song for someone else. (Lorde was an example of this and ultimately the only artist who had two songs make it into the Top 20 list, as you will see above).

Click here if you'd like to listen to the 2017 APRA Silver Scroll Award Top 20 songs on Spotify.


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