Treenurse Releases Crunchy New Single ‘ Pyjamas

October 16th 2020
Indie-rock artist Treenurse has revealed her punchy new single ‘Pyjamas’, and it’s the most relatable music of 2020 you didn’t know you needed.

The Taupō born, Auckland-based musician Lucy Campbell has been performing live under the alias Treenurse for years, and ‘Pyjamas’ marks her official debut into the world of recorded sound.


Capturing the energy of her live performance, the track has a crunchy sound of dissonant guitars, matched with sharp, witty lyrics. Treenurse is plant punk; gentle and compassionate, while at the very same time, brutally honest.


Treenurse wrote ‘Pyjamas’ about always trying your best, but still getting kicked in the gut by life. “It’s about the voice in your head that tells you to keep trying. When I wrote it everything was going wrong at the same time; all I felt like doing was staying in my pyjamas in bed all day. I wrote this song as a release of frustration, and realised when it comes down to it, you’ve just got to keep getting out of bed”.


Performing on the track are band members Simeon Kavanagh-Vincent ( of Lucky Boy^), and multi instrumentalist Brayden Jeffrey.


When it came to beginning the artist project, Lucy said “I always knew who I was. But when Treenurse came about, it was like ahh - this is how I see the world and how I fit into it. Writing as Treenurse is my outlet, it’s a solid identifier for me; combining my love for music, animals and nature.”


With more music in the pipeline to be released in 2021, Treenurse is a name to watch out



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