TROY KINGI Releases New Video “Chronophobic Disco”, New Album the Ghost of Freddie Cesar

September 11th 2020
“The live music video of Chronophobic Disco pays homage to the Soul Train show of the 70s. I had a nice little dress up with the band, dope backdrop, disco balls and disco floors, what more can you ask for. The song itself talks of the fear of time, or quite possibly the fear of how much time we have left.” – Troy Kingi
Multi-award-winning, multi-genre-artist Troy Kingi is now set to take us on a deeply personal discovery 
through an album dedicated to memories, lost souls, and 70s funk.


The Ghost of Freddie Cesar is Troy Kingis fourth installment in his 1O 1O 1O Series 
(10 albums in 10 years in 10 genres).  Brought to life by Troy Kingi & The Clutch, this record is Troys most personal work to date; one that invites the listener to share his journey as he combs through recollections of his father 
who disappeared while driving from Rotorua to Auckland at Christmas time in 2005.  
Despite search efforts and sporadic reports of sightings, there has been no reliable trace of Troys biological father.


Troys journey with The Ghost of Freddie Cesar begins in 2007.  While going through his missing fathers belongings, Troy found a cassette tape: –


It looked pretty old and had this hand-scribbled name, Freddie Cesar’ on it, and on the back was just handwritten names of songs.  I recognised some of the songs from my early childhood back when my parents were still together 
and started writing down the lyrics as a form of therapy.  I must have forgotten it for a while – but sometime in 2010, 
I found the notebook of the songs again, but not the cassette tape, so that's when I decided to find out who Freddie 
Cesar was.  It turns out there is very little out there about him which further compelled me to recreate something.”


Its kind of a dedication to my dad and Freddie Cesar, this album.  Even though the lyrics aren't fully mine 
and the musics not fully mine, I feel him when Im singing these songs.”


Much of Freddie Cesars life remains a mystery, but listening to the lyrics, it becomes evident that Freddie Cesar 
may have been a Vietnam Vet, struggling with the issues of the day associated with that life: PTSD, drugs, alcohol, 
and his inability to settle back into civilian society.  Troys interpretation of this time as a funk-filled landscape,
 paints an imagined picture of the life of Freddie Cesar – the closest to a realistic picture.


TROY KINGI & THE ELUSIVE GHOSTS, a documentary directed by Mark Russell, will be released 
mid September.  Follow Troy Kingi digging into the annals of his mind as he tries to decipher the sound, the music, 
and the stories behind the enigmatic character Freddie Cesar. 

Later in September, FREDDIE, WHERE ART THOU follows Troy Kingi on his  personal and soul-searching journey whilst making his latest album "The Ghost of Freddie Cesar".  
Documented by his creative team, Freddie, Where Art Thou is told through personal interviews, archival footage, 
and music videos, featuring Troy’s recent tour to New Orleans with an insight into an artist recreating a past 
that no longer exists.

“The Ghost Of Freddie Cesar “ - Troy Kingi and The Clutch  
Out September 11th CD / LP through AAA Records/ Border and available on all digital platforms.



Listen: Spotify / Apple Music  / Bandcamp



Troy Kingi & The Clutch will bring The Ghost of Freddie Cesar 
to life at the following LIVE shows:  

22 October - Hawke’s Bay Arts Festival - Opera House - Hastings TICKETS
23 October - San Fran - Wellington (Final Tickets!)  TICKETS
24 October - Elemental AKL - Hollywood Avondale - Auckland TICKETS
22 January - Soundsplash Festival - Wainui Reserve - Raglan (Sold Out)
27 February - Electric Avenue Festival - Hagley Park - Christchurch

More dates to be announced. For ticketing info and updates, visit

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