VALENTINA With Debut Single 'The Comfort Song'

September 24th 2020
Wellington-based Transgressive Pop-star VALENTINA brings you all things soft and sweet.

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The up and coming artist is the epitome lovechild between Charli XCX and Haruomi Hosono. Exploring celestial shimmery synth-pop from the 80s with notes of futuristic elements that keep her style not only nostalgic but also something new and innovative.


Her debut single ‘the comfort song’, available September 24th, is a soft introduction to the artist, using Casio beats and velvet-like synths, creating a welcoming environment for the audience. The song is described as ‘a music hug’, something you can listen to if you’re feeling anxious, lonely, or unhappy. VALENTINA says “The world is in a very uncertain state right now, I just want more than anything to give back the love to people who need it or are going through something. I made this track in a pure state of heartbreak and it helped me relax.”

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