We Will Ride Fast Drops 'Can You Even Feel It?' + Video

April 1st 2021
Tauranga's very own psych-rock multimedia artist We Will Ride Fast shares new single from recently released album, Emotional Molecules, a tripped out 'Can You Even Feel It?', accompanied by a stalled and unsettling foray into urban decay.

Watch video here

'Can You Even Feel It?' challenged detachment as an emotional position, yet also manages to reveal the inescapable emotional dread of regret. Crafted around rolling bass hooks and swathes of often disconcerting and deconstructed keyboards, the track pushes back, "Declaiming the angst of the 21st century", (Kyle Sattler).

Filmed predominantly using stop-motion in an abandoned house at the foot of the Kaimai Ranges, just south of Matamata, in a house currently occupied by the resident goat (who makes the final cut), the video echos the call of the song, as a anxious, decaying void of hopeless need, and also as a question - does anyone even care anymore? Are we that desensitised and indifferent to the world around us? 

Speaking of the inspiration behind the video, Kyle says, "A call, the wait, a regret, the moments passed... all that is left are the memories learned in recollection".

"Throbbing, danceable gloom-rock is not just alive and well in the hands of Kyle Sattler (The Bennies) out of Tauranga but, on this third album, pushing further into experimental guitar rock.

"With swathes of sometimes disconcerting electronics alongside Sattler's stentorian vocals declaiming the angst of the 21stcentury where many are cut adrift from the certainties and symbols of yesteryear (More Dead Than Alive), this creates an immediate impression." - Graham Reid, Elsewhere.co.nz

"We Will Ride fast delivers a genre-defying, hybridised sound. It plays with and intertwines elements of alt-pop, psychedelic/gloom/industrial rock with heavy bass... Emotional Molecules provides a fascinating listening experience; one that continues to reveal additional layers with each listen", (Bridget Herlihy, Ambient Light)
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