Whanganui Innovator Sets Releases an Album, in Memory, Today.

January 21st 2022
Regarded as Whanganui's best live band while they were active, Sets (aka Sets of 57), were regulars at the cherished local DIY venue The Eye of Night. While most of their recordings have faded away into the digital ether, In Memory has been kept in archive since 2010 and is only now being shared for the first time.
In Memory charts a path through a dark time, arranging and rearranging thoughts into something relatable. In some ways akin to Aotearoa post-punk bands of the 80s like Children's Hour and Nocturnal Projections, Sets similarly doesn't euphemise. Attenuating heaviness by coming at it head-on, In Memory by Sets.

In Memory is out on standard platforms today January 21

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