ZËxÏÏ Releases His Most Thought-provoking Track Yet, With ‘blamed It on Me (Demo)’

November 25th 2022
Following the release of ‘Tired,’ ZËxÏÏ has one more offering for 2022, with new track ‘blamed it on me (demo).’

Created from a narrative of late-night thoughts, and with the meticulous decision to keep the track’s original demo recordings, the artist’s intentions are to take his listeners on a path of reflection, in what’s his most raw and honest release to date.


“To me, ‘blamed it on me’ is my attempt of conveying the subject of “accountability” in a palatable format,” ZËxÏÏ explains, “It’s an audit of hypocrisy for those who inherently love to blame everyone but themselves, and an introspection for those who never self-reflect on the hurt they impose on others. But for most, I hope it simply provides closure.”


The track is self written, performed and produced, showcasing the amassed talent and individuality ZËxÏÏ holds. A different tone from his more recent releases, the track adds a more rhythmic feel to his eclectic catalogue of music, and rounds out on what has been an exciting year of music from the artist. Currently writing new material, stay tuned for bigger projects from ZËxÏÏfor 2023.


‘blamed it on me (demo)’ is out now on all streaming platforms.

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