Zoe Moon Shares Stunning, Intimate R&B Single "Bubbles"

February 12th 2021
Wellington-based music progeny Zoe Moon shares her gorgeous, transfixing single "Bubbles", out today!

Through resonant low notes gliding effortlessly to angelic upper registers, Zoe Moon’s first solo release, “Bubbles” is an absorbing ride through a rich, sonorous and an unconventional tale of intimacy, an homage to Zoe’s now-deceased twin sister, Sachi, with whom she shared her formative bubble. “In writing "Bubbles" I took ownership of my story, and explored how that very first partnership continues to guide the connections that I form, whether it be with friends, lovers, or family.”
Written in 2019, the song was given space to be reconsidered and reworked during the time of covid-lockdown reflection. Zoe says of “Bubbles” that it is “my accidental prophecy, simultaneously reflecting these strange and trying times as well as my own heart.” It’s as if she knew that after her first iteration of the song, New Zealand would soon retreat into our prescribed bubbles, discovering new emotional boundaries and perceptions of the world “I believe that intimacy is an opportunity to inextricably lose and find ourselves in the sea of another. To my eyes, these uncertain waters that envelope our times mirror the same.”
Zoe Moon has been surrounded by musical performance her entire life, and she is no stranger to the stage. After opening for, and singing on the Grammy award winning TajMo tour, and dazzling the world creating brilliant blood harmonies alongside big sister Deva Mahal on her Run Deep Tour, Z o E comes to us now crystallized by the world stage. Swirling with the experience of performing on stages like North Sea Jazz Festival, Montreux Jazz Festival, Jools Holland show, and even the Hollywood bowl, Zoe has honed her vocal craft, ready to make a mark of her own. The second signing to Wellington’s new label on the scene Blue Riot Records, Zoe's full album will be released later in 2021.

**Zoe will be hosting a "Bubbles" release show at San Fran on 14 February - Valentines Day! The perfect occasion for a sultry and intimate evening! 


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