100% Bandcamp Proceeds Tonight

March 20th 2020
Tonight is the night for making Bandcamp purchases from Aotearoa!

Over the last few decades, playing live has become crucial to artists at all levels of their career. The recent worldwide turbulence due to COVID-19, has devastated this side of industry, starting with SXSW in March and the recent international quarantines, border closures & gathering limits making it impossible for thousands of shows here and abroad to go ahead.

How can you help? Well, if you have the means, you can to contribute to these artists in different ways: be it buying a t-shirt, LP, CD or even pair of socks! For those artists using Bandcamp, they will be receiving 100% of what you pay for 24-hours between 8pm today - Friday 20 March and 8pm tomorrow - Saturday 21 March NZ time, making this a great time for your contributions to have the most meaningful impact! This includes straight up purchase and pay what you want amounts.

If the first instance, we've put together a handy list of all the NZ artists we know have had their international tours and local shows postponed. If there is anyone we have missed, be sure to let us know at info@nzmusic.org.nz, so we can make additions.

Anti Matter

Avantdale Bowling Club

Alice Foulds

Carnivorous Plant Society

Chaos In The CBD

Chelsea Jade



Devil's Elbow


Fat Freddy's Drop


Holly Arrowsmith

Geoff Ong

Julia Deans

Jazmine Mary



Kerryn Fields



Lake South

Lawrence Arabia

Lord Echo

Lydia Cole

Mark de Clive-Lowe

Matt Bizzle


Midnight Youth

Miss June

Mini Simmons

Myele Manzanza

Nadia Reid

No Transitory


Pickle Darling

Purple Pilgrims

Reb Fountain

Ria Hall

Sandy Mill

Swallow The Rat

Tami Neilson


Yumi Zouma

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