Aotearoa Touring Programme: Next Round Closes Wednesday 27 January

January 24th 2021
The Aotearoa Touring Programme is a contestable fund intended to reinvigorate the live music sector and assist in the recovery from the effects of COVID-19 in the domestic touring market.

The Aotearoa Touring Programme invests in approved domestic touring costs, to enable more NZ artists to grow sustainable careers and increase the access to live music for NZ audiences.


As one of the initiatives in the Government’s New Zealand Music Recovery Fund, the Aotearoa Touring Programme is part of the Manatū Taonga Ministry of Culture & Heritage led Arts & Culture COVID Recovery Programme, which is focused on the recovery, regeneration and revitalisation of the cultural sector.


The Programme is run by the NZ Music Commission to grow the potential for original New Zealand artists touring across Aotearoa and is a matched investment programme (i.e. the Programme will match your investment), so applicants can apply for 50% of the eligible costs for undertaking national tours across the Tiers. The different Tiers have a maximum limit for each grant.


Applications for the next round of Aotearoa Touring Programme close at 5:00pm on Wednesday 27 January.


About the Purpose and Criteria of the Aotearoa Touring Programme

The overarching goal of the Aotearoa Touring Programme is to increase national touring activity by New Zealand musicians performing original, live New Zealand music.

The objectives of the Programme are to:

·       Maximise the New Zealand live music industry’s economic recovery from COVID-19

·       Create skill development opportunities in live music performance and touring to strengthen and grow the New Zealand live music industry

·       Support New Zealand artists to grow viable and sustainable careers

·       Promote more opportunities for audiences across New Zealand to access original, live New Zealand music.


Applications to the Aotearoa Touring Programme will be limited to:

1.     Businesses or individuals that are registered in New Zealand, physically located in New Zealand, and

employing individuals who are working legally in New Zealand.

2.     New Zealand artists performing original New Zealand music. For the definition of ‘New Zealander’ and

‘original New Zealand music’.

3.     Tours that comprise at least three venues or locations outside of the performer’s home town.


Applicants also need to fulfil the following criteria:

·       Be financially viable to the extent that they can demonstrate how they can finance at least 50% of the cost

of the touring project.

·       Be able to demonstrate they have the capacity and capability (including financial, business planning and

delivery support) to undertake the touring project.

·       Are not crown entities, government departments or their agencies. This includes any organisation that receives baseline funding from Creative New Zealand’s Toi Tōtara or Toi Uru Kahikatea investment programmes.


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