BeatBox Presents: BoxFresh Live! Session #1

February 17th 2016
Katie Thompson | No Broadcast | Matty Smith

On Nov 27th, 2015, BeatBox rehearsal space in central Christchurch launched a series of filmed recording sessions called BoxFresh Live! in conjunction with SuchCrowd, Rick Harvie from Belmont Productions, Ben Delaney from The Sitting Room and support from the Mainland Foundation.

The debut BoxFresh Live! session features the exceptionally talented Katie Thompson, No Broadcast and Matty Smith who were each invited to perform an unplugged set in front of a live audience.

One track from each session has been selected to produce a high quality BoxFresh Live! recording for release today and there will be more to come so please a watch out.

BoxFresh Live! will be held at various times throughout 2016 and we will continue to feature a diverse range of Christchurch artists, covering multiple genres, with an aim to showcase some of the city's exceptional musical talent as well as broaden public awareness for the BeatBox music facility and its capabilities.

No Broadcast "Moment" (more on No Broadcast)
Matty Smith "Believe" (more on Matty Smith)
Katie Thompson "West Coast" (more on Katie Thompson)

Watch the sessions here:

Katie Thompson

No Broadcast

Matty Smith

BoxFresh Live!


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