Billy Bragg to Play Christchurch Show to Help Fund New Christchurch Musicians Rehearsal Studio

October 2nd 2012
UK musician Billy Bragg will play a benefit concert for the BEATBOX project on Tuesday October 16th at the Aurora Centre at Burnside High School, Christchurch.

UK musician Billy Bragg has responded to a request for help and support that was sent out from the CHART organisation in Christchurch to his management office in London. He will play a benefit concert for the BEATBOX project on Tuesday October 16th at the Aurora Centre at Burnside High School. Billy also hopes to be in Christchurch the day before the show to visit and help raise awareness.

The Christchurch BEATBOX benefit concert takes place following Billy Bragg's three other NZ shows on his ‘Ain't Nobody That Can Sing Like Me' Tour in Auckland, Wellington and Dunedin on October 12, 13 and 14. (Full tour details below).

BEATBOX is an innovative central city post-quake rebuild arts project in Christchurch, a multi-room music rehearsal space for local and touring acts and essentially the starting point of a music community hub within the devastated central city. Managed by CHART -The Christchurch Music Industry Trust, the BEATBOX project has initial start-up funding from local and central Government Earthquake and is seeking further financial support towards the creation of a collection of modern, safe and practical rehearsal spaces which will become a much needed central ‘hub' for the city's artists to regroup, reinvigorate, revitalise and most importantly help reignite the voice of the city with the heart, soul and passion that Cantabrians are so well known for.

The facility is to be housed within the 'BOXed Quarter' - a development centred around independent thinking, a combination of art and music producing a precinct that combines office, hospitality and related retail. This funky, upbeat neighbourhood sits adjacent to the polytechnic, a recording studio, broadcasting school and other music related areas. Its edgy nature attracts others who want to relax and spend time and in the creative heart of lower High Street.

CHART has supported the music industry and community on whatever level is required in Christchurch. Since the quakes, most of the local venues and events (both large and small) have ceased to operate and the musical community has suffered hugely as a result.

The music community however is starting to regroup and be strong once again, but a central "musicians hub" will assist in collaborations and cooperation that will help drive the local music industry again.

BEATBOX is a stand alone band rehearsal facility made of modern quake safe modular 'boxes' part of the Boxed Quarter village. Artbox is the art gallery which will be the first project to be on site - see some images here and BEATBOX will be a collaborative neighbour - essentially a music-friendly precinct, a first for NZ.

Billy Bragg's benefit concert for the BEATBOX project takes place on Tuesday October 16th at the Aurora Centre at Burnside High School.


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