Finalists Announced for NZ Children's Music Awards

April 17th 2018

APRA are very excited to announce the finalists for the 2018 NZ Children's Music Awards:

APRA Best Children's Song finalists:
- Moe & Friends for Another Year Of You written by Ben Sinclair & Jeremy Dillon
- Kath Bee & Suzy Cato for Sprinkle A Little Sunshine
- Craig Smith for The Scariest Thing In The Garden

Recorded Music NZ Best Children's Artist finalists:
- Chanelle & Friends for The Little Green Turtle And Other Songs For Kids
- Levity Beet for My Best Friend Jake Is A Cyborg
- Moe & Friends for The Moe Album

NZ On Air Best Children's Music Video finalists:
- Moe & Friends for Because It's Christmas (directed by Jeremy Dillon and produced by Briar Coleman)
- Itty Bitty Beats for Hot Air Balloon (directed and produced by Jennifer Payne)
- fleaBITE for Liver Lover (directed by Geni McCallum and produced by Robin Nathan)

Head over HERE to read more about the finalists and find out when the winners will be announced.


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