International Music Market Development Programme Outward Sound Announces a Change to the Programme

July 9th 2013
Export has been identified as an area critical to the growth of the New Zealand contemporary music industry


Export has been identified as an area critical to the growth of the New Zealand contemporary music industry. The Outward Sound programme - administered through the New Zealand Music Commission - provides pathways to capitalise on the opportunities presented by a strong export market. New Zealand music industry practitioners (artists, managers etc.) and firms (record companies, associated businesses) can apply for assistance through the programme for the implementation of a range of international market development activities including expenditure related to:

• Market visits.
• In-market representation.
• Publicity and promotion.
• Marketing materials.
• Showcases, trade fairs and other events.

The Outward Sound programme is inclusive of music from all genres and styles, and applicants may target relevant markets around the world.

The Outward Sound grants programme currently consists of two grant types:

1) International Music Market Development Grant: Primary all purpose export grant for activities requiring matching funding between $1,000 and $50,000.

2) Business Development Grant: For managers and labels looking to expand their business by undertaking meetings/trade events offshore. Grants cover travel, accomodation and per diems to a maximum matching value of $5,000.

The New Zealand Music Commission is pleased to announce some exciting new additions and a change to the Outward Sound grants programme.

Since the programme’s inception in 2005 the music business both here and abroad has gone through many changes. These changes are primarily based around new approaches to distribution, promotion and revenue generation - all due to new advances in technology.

Up until now the Outward Sound programme was structured around the framework of three stages; each stage corresponding to a set limit of funding available per grant. Additionally in the early days of the grants programme stages also corresponded with the types of activities being funded.

As of the July 22nd 2013 the stages framework will be removed from the programme entirely. This change has been made in order to simplify and streamline the application process. A newly redesigned PDF application form has been created to further streamline the programme.

The Outward Sound international music market development budget is limited. Applications will be carefully assessed to ensure they meet the criteria, and that the project/activity involved has been thoroughly planned and has good prospects for commercial success. Once it is established that the basic entry criteria have been met, the application is assessed based on the value of the project/activity, its planning and prospects for success.

International Tradeshows

While no one would deny the power of email and the internet for the development of world wide business relationships there is no substitution for face to face networking, showcasing and business dealings. In the international music community one of the best ways to advance ones business reach is through attendance at international music industry tradeshows. 

Tradeshows can benefit attendees in the following ways:

1) They provide a platform to develop new international relationships and opportunities for musicians, managers and labels.

2) They help increase the profile and awareness of music from New Zealand and facilitate the development of international markets and audiences.

3) They help build knowledge of the international global music market.

4) They help build skills and capability.

As of July 2013 Outward Sound are introducing Targeted Tradeshow grants to support our managers, labels and musicians at selected and targeted trade events. Applications are now open to attend as a delegate for WOMEX and AWME (Australian World Music Expo).

Outward Sound offers successful applicants 50% recoupable support up to a tradeshow specific value. Recoupable costs are limited to airfares, delegate registration, accommodation and per diems. The grants will be offered outside of the established Outward Sound quarterly grant rounds. A breakdown of the two delegate grants and the amount of funding available follows:

WOMEX Delegate: Up to $2,500 to cover 50% of return economy airfares from New Zealand to Cardiff, Wales, delegate registration to the conference, accommodation (up to 5 nights) and per diems (up to 5 days).

AWME Delegate: Up to $1,000 to cover 50% of return economy airfares from New Zealand to Melbourne, delegate registration to the conference, accommodation (up to 4 nights) and per diems (up to 4 days).

Contact the Outward Sound office to discuss your project and receive an application form.


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