Jazz Ziedan - What Does Suffrage 125 Mean to You?

September 26th 2018
For me, not being a New Zealander by blood but by choice is a huge privilege.

What do you do in the industry?

First and foremost I am the Managing Director of Base FM
I'm passionate about anything creative and community-based. I also manage artists, from local musicians to international dancers as well as being a DJ myself and mentoring others.

What does Suffrage 125 mean to you and what advice would you offer other women pursuing their dreams and career goals?

Suffrage 125 to me means celebrating equality for different sexes and the right for woman to vote. As a 'child of the world', being half African and half German myself, the concept of recognising New Zealanders from diverse cultures and acknowledging those that have been pushing for women's rights is a great thing. It is a constant battle, not just for women but I'd say even more so for women, especially in a male-dominated industry that is music and media. So my advice for my fellow ladies would be to keep on pushing for what you believe in. Determination and talent is so much more important than gender.

What does New Zealand being a world leader in social change mean to you?

I have just come back from a few months in Africa where I did some artist mentoring in Zanzibar and music teaching in Nairobi. Honestly, if you haven't been exposed to countries like this and trying to being an artist - not even 'surviving' of being an artist but just 'being' one, is impossible to comprehend. For me, not being a New Zealander by blood but by choice is a huge privilege. We are very lucky to be living and working in this beautiful and forward thinking country called Aotearoa. 
It makes me feel very proud and humble at the same time to call home.

This is part of a NZ Music Commission project for Suffrage 125 highlighting women working behind the scenes in the New Zealand music industry, with features here on our website and profiles on our Instagram.


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