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September 30th 2010
Online interviews with New Zealand Music Industry experts and more.

The Artist Resources section of the New Zealand Music Commission is an
ongoing project that includes video interviews with industry experts,
downloadable documents, research & industry information, sales statistics
and directory links. The aim is to create a hub that not only educates but
encourages artists to take the next step within the New Zealand music
industry, particularly in areas where they may need guidance.

This week we talk:

Music Distribution
with Peter Baker and Katie Macrae from Rhythmethod Ode.
Independent Music New Zealand (IMNZ) with Renee Jones from IMNZ.

Music Distribution:

•    What is the role of a Distribution company?
•    Distribution & Digital Rights Management (DRM)
•    How is a Distribution Deal structured?
•    What would the artist expect to make back from Distribution?
•    What advice would you give to artists seeking a Distribution deal?
•    What do retailers expect in regards to packaging and catalogue numbers?
•    Where do I get barcodes from?
•    What plan should an artist have in place, prior to Distribution?


•    What is IMNZ?
•    What are the benefits of being an IMNZ member?
•    How is the IMNZ chart broken down?
•    What are the different levels of membership?
•    Can bands/artists become members?
•    How do I become an IMNZ member?
•    What other organisations are associated with IMNZ?

Other videos to check out:

•    Getting your song played on the radio - with Mark Kneebone (Isaac
•    How to book a show - with Gareth Craze (RW Entertainment)
•    Copyright - with Chris Hocquard (Dominion Law)
•    Digital Rights Management (DRM) - with Stephen O'Hoy (
•    Publishing - with Paul Maclaney (Mushroom Publishing)
•    Signing to a label - with Ben Howe (Arch Hill Recordings)

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