New Music Pasifika Funding - Deadline 28 January 2021

January 25th 2021
The Pacific Music Awards Trust are happy to share that the deadlines for NZ On Air’s New Music Pasifika funding has been confirmed for 2021, which are Thursday 28 January and Thursday 8 July.
NZ On Air has confirmed that funding of up to $10,000 is available for artists of Pacific background, for a single song- which can now include a $1,000 (10%) Artist Creation Fee.
NZ On Air will pay a maximum of $10,000 (plus GST if registered) for the eligible costs of recording a single, creating video content to promote the single and other promotion costs to increase NZ audience awareness and engagement with the audio and video content.


Applications need to be submitted online, by 4pm, for the 28 January deadline.  All the information is available here:  


Here are a few tips for our Pacific artists looking to apply 
·      You can only apply for one song
·      The aim is for these songs to be picked up for radio and online 
·      A MP3 version of your song (demo or complete) needs to be submitted with the application. 
·      Start thinking about which song to apply for and work on creating the song and demo.
·      You will need to provide background information about yourself and also your plan for releasing the song



NZ On Air introduced New Music Pasifika in 2019, and the Pacific Music Awards Trust and Pacific Media Network have been involved with the funding initiative for the 2019 and 2020 rounds and proudly continue their support for 2021.  


In June 2020, the New Music Pasifika round confirmed 24 songs for funding by the following artists:  
Alimit / Inanay – The Tribute featuring Jagarizzar x Tiddas  
ANTHEM / Joy featuring Marley Sola & David Ware  
Diggy Dupé / Hype 
Foundation / Start Love Over 
Hawkins / Can’t Leave It Alone 
IYBZEE & IYBZAY / Does She Really Want Me? 
JARNA / I’m Fine  
Juwan / Home 
LEO / MerryGoRound  
Lomez Brown / Feel The Motion 
MAL / Say/Ne Pehe Mai   
Raggadat Cris / Foki Mai  
Sam V X bKIDD / Cruisin’ 
Samson Squad / Taku Vaine  
Sapphire Matāfai / Dilemma 
SEMA / Real 
Shepherds Reign / Aiga (Toe Fo’i)  
Tazman Jack / Myself  
THE MITIS / See You Again  
TJ Taotua / You and I  
TONE6 / Another Level of Emotion 
Tree / Afio Ane Loa  
Village90 / To the Wire 
VILLETTE / Angle  


The New Music Pasifika funding is provided for Pacific artists, who are NZ citizens or permanent residents; and have a great unreleased song. If you need a hand with the application or have any questions, please contact the NZ On Air team (
 and/or or contact the Pacific Music Awards Trust:


This is a wonderful opportunity for our Pacific artists to receive financial support for their music – so check this out and apply!  
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