NZ Music Commission Announces Its Industry Internship Programme for 2020

October 30th 2019
Following on from two very successful years running the Industry Internship Programme initiative, the New Zealand Music Commission is very pleased to announce the continuation of the Programme in 2020.

Following on from two very successful years running the Industry Internship Programme initiative, the New Zealand Music Commission is very pleased to announce the continuation of the Programme in 2020.


The Music Commission was once again thrilled with the results of the 2019 Programme and looks forward to implementing the Industry Internship Programme again in 2020.


As per the previous two years, feedback from both the Interns and Host Organisations was overwhelmingly positive. As a result of the Programme five Interns were offered either a full-time or part-time role with their Host Organisations and additional three Interns were contracted on a causal basis to their Hosts.


The Industry Internship Programme Hosts for 2019 were independent PR company Saint Lachine Ltd, national music youth event productions company Rockquest Promotions Ltd, promotions and marketing company The Label, music supervision and consulting business Mind Your Music, recording studio and music business The Sitting Room & Lyttleton Records, Wellington based research, design, communications and tech business Indigenous Design and Innovation Aotearoa, not-for-profit recording studios and music organisation Parachute Music, management, label and PR services business NicNak Media, booking agency and management company Twice The Hype, Hawkes Bay’s Prima Volta Charitable Trust and Palmerston North based rehearsal studios, recording facilities, and live performance venue The Stomach.


‘Great Programme! Would love to see it happen again and continue year on year’ – Harry Lilley, The Stomach.


“This Programme is so essential for our local industry to grow in a healthy and sustainable way. With so many SMBs now it is vital to get the right people for the job.  For new people interested in working in the industry, giving them a realistic experience of the *glamour* (Lol!) of the work is astronomically helpful. Two of our interns have gone on to secure full time positions within the music industry. I hope to see the Programme continue infinitium”.– Lisa Paris, The Label


‘The Programme is great for embedding people within the industry’ – Morgan Allen, Depot Sound


‘It was a great low risk way of getting some additional help while sussing the suitability of an individual for a potential position’ – Mark de Jong, Parachute Music


The Programme seeks to partner up to twelve Interns within NZ music businesses and organisations to develop the skills, knowledge and networks for the Interns, and helping kick-start their careers in the music sector.  Host music organisations benefit from the additional resource and low risk development of potential employees, alongside the fresh thinking that Interns bring.


The Interns who took part in the 2019 Programme all expressed how they believed their Internship experiences were hugely beneficial towards gaining future employment within the music industry. Interns commented that they learnt insightful knowledge into the music industry and made valuable connections that they may have not otherwise made without being involved in the Programme.


‘Personally, it’s the best thing I’ve done for myself career wise. I felt like I was floating around the industry circle. I have realised that I can make a career out of this. It’s a dream job. Foot in the door. I’m industry now!’ – Intern, Industry Internship Programme 2019


‘100% (assisted in developing career in the music industry). It’s given me the opportunity to build a client base for myself’ – Intern, Industry Internship Programme 2019


‘It was my first time working in a studio/live environment outside of University. A real artistic professional working environment, it’s great to add to my CV’ – Intern, Industry Internship Programme 2019


Internships are available nationwide dependent on location of confirmed Host Organisations.


The Internships will run either part-time over a 16-week period or full-time over a 10-week period. All Interns will be paid for their internships and the Host organisations will be expected to make a modest contribution towards the Intern’s wages.


The New Zealand Music Commission will be inviting potential Host music companies or organisations to apply from Monday 4 November 2019, closing three weeks later at 5.00pm on Monday 25 November 2019.


A link to the Host application form and Frequently Asked Questions document will be available on the NZ Music Commission website from Monday 4 November.

 Intern applications will open Monday 2 December 2019, closing seven weeks later at 5.00pm on Monday 20 January 2020


The NZ Music Commission strongly believes that music is a vital and vibrant part of our culture and is excited to facilitate these partnerships as part of its ongoing work to support the growth of the NZ music industry.

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