NZ Music Commission Welcomes Music Sector Recovery Investment

May 29th 2020
The NZ Music Commission welcomes the investment towards the recovery of the music sector as announced earlier today by Prime Minister Ardern.

An outline of the work that will be undertaken across the arts and culture sector is available on the Ministry for Culture and Heritage website at

More details will be published in the coming weeks, but an overview of the work the Music Commission will be leading as part of the cultural recovery package is as follows:


NZ Music Month Make Good Fund: This fund will enable NZ artists and music businesses to apply for a contribution towards recouping lost income and costs incurred for original NZ music activity that was scheduled to occur in NZ Music Month 2020 which was cancelled as a result of Covid-19.  Applicants will need to provide evidence of expenditure or loss of income. More information about this fund will be available on our website in early June.


Outward Sound Make Good Fund: This fund will enable Outward Sound supported artists to apply for the reimbursement of costs incurred for approved offshore activity that was cancelled or disrupted due to Covid-19. This includes costs incurred by Outward Sound supported artists for travel and accommodation, hireage and rentals, and publicity and promotion. More details about this fund will be available on our website in early June.


Music Venue Infrastructure Fund: This fund will enable music venues to apply for a contribution towards the costs associated with operating an environment safe for artists, audiences and staff.  It is for music venues with a track record of original New Zealand music performances, both in the main centres and the regions.  

Grants of up to $50,000 per venue will be available for expenditure that could include contact tracing facilities and security, facility upgrades (for example for bathrooms, staging, backstage etc), hireage of equipment and ensuring the safety of technicians and venue staff. More details about this fund will be available on our website in mid-June.

Aotearoa Touring Support Programme:  This programme is intended to reinvigorate the live music sector and grow the potential for touring across Aotearoa. The goal is to support NZ artists and music businesses, and enable more New Zealanders to experience live, local music. It will support production costs, and touring both nationally and regionally.  This fund will be open in July 2020 and more details will be provided in the coming month.


Please check back on the Music Commission website soon for more information about these programmes. 


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