Pacific Music Awards 2019 - Save the Date!

March 21st 2019
The Pacific Music Awards celebrates its 15th year, an important milestone for the awards, the Pacific music community and music industry.

The inaugural Pacific Music Awards were held on 11 March 2005, as part of the opening night event for the Pasifika Festival, at Western Springs Stadium. The 2005 awards were programmed for 45 minutes, involving 7 award presentations and three live performances.

Since 2005, the awards have been held at the Vodafone Events Centre, first in the theatre and now in the arena. The awards ceremony has grown over time, with new award categories added, which includes new artist and genre categories, an international category and the newest edition, an award for streaming.

The Pacific Music Awards now involve 18 award presentations, up to 10 live performances and are a full three hour Pacific celebration, that is filmed for television and streamed live. The awards are a significant event for our Pacific community and music industry, and the growth and development of the event is something that the Pacific Music Awards Trust are very proud of.

The 2019 Pacific Music Awards, will be held on Thursday 23 May. The Trust are excited about planning the 2019 awards, celebrating the 2019 finalists and award recipients, while also honouring the 15 year anniversary.

To begin the celebration for the 15th anniversary of the Pacific Music Awards, the Trust have compiled a Spotify playlist to showcase the music that has been celebrated over the last 15 years.

Enjoy listening to the playlist and please save the date of the 2019 Pacific Music Awards - Thursday 23 May 2019!

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