Palmerston North Hosts Swampfest This Week

October 21st 2014
SwampFest, Palmerston Norths iconic local original music festival turns 11 this year

SwampFest, Palmerston Norths iconic local original music festival turns 11 this year. As always its been tweaked and prodded to let locals and visitors experience #swampton in its natural state, the city with the best bands in New Zealand.

Over 70 local musicians will take part in a series of events at multiple venues across the city during the week of 21-26 October 2014.

Kicking it off, The Stomach will play host to a free screening of the fantastic Skeptics 'Sheen of Gold' documentary and a workshop involving some New Zealand music industry leaders, Simon Woods from the NZ Music Commission,  Sarah Crowe from NZ On Air, Renee Jones from Independent Music New Zealand and Craig Pearce (manager of the Black Seeds) from the Music Managers Forum. Locally the industry will be represented by David Stevens, manager of Radio Control, and co coordinator of Great Job!.

SwampFest puts its own spin on the silent disco concept with Palmerston North's Square playing host to the 'Silent Square Rave', with the international touring, live electronic band HUFF playing a 1 hour set to an audience tuned into the simulcast on 99.4FM Radio Control. Bring your earbuds and a smartphone, local ISP Inspire Net will make sure theres enough data for everyone to party on with!

With the refurbished Globe Theatre now having two performance spaces, SwampFest takes over the entire building for Friday and Saturday, renaming the main theatre The Magnet Room, and the new theatre The Circuit room. Guitars will reign supreme in the Magnet Room and live electronic artists will hold court in the Circuit room with tailored visuals and flown video installations.

Rounding out the week on Sunday the 26th, SwampFest will head to local purveyors of fine food and craft brews, the Village In Kitchen, for the Acoustic Recovery show.

All SwampFest events are All Ages. A SwampFest Pass (available from the Stomach and at shows) will get you into the four paying shows and is only $15. Individual shows cost $10.

Details of of all events and performing artists can be found at Facebook, SwampFestNZ, and are included below for your information.

SwampFest. Oct 21-26, 2014.

Tues 21st, 7pm, The Stomach - Sheen of Gold screening. Free

Wed 22nd, 7pm, The Stomach - Industrial Action, w/ NZ Music Commission, NZOA, IMNZ, MMF. Free

Thu 23rd, 7.30pm, The Square - Silent Square Rave, w/DJ Dee Steez & HUFF. Free

Fri 24th, 7pm, The Globe - Electromechanical 001. $10 or SwampFest Pass.
Alpha Beta Gamma, Anna Madeleine, Big Friendlies, Buska Dimes, Journey of Chaos, Man in Rug, Pixie Dust, P90s, Topaz rooster. Special Guest MC, Abi Symes.

Fri 24th, 10.30pm, Great Job! - Midnight Club Secret Show 001. $10 or SwampFest Pass.
1 x brand new #swampton band, 1 x amazing reformed #swampton band.

Sat 25th, 7pm, The Globe, Electromechanical 002. $10 or SwampFest Pass.
Alt Simulacra, Arcadian Kites, Dj DeckTrik, Gains, Given Names, No Shells, Slower Motion, SODA BOYZ, Valerie. Special Guest MC, Abi Symes!

Fri 25th, 10.30pm, Great Job! - Midnight Club Secret Show 002. $10 or SwampFest Pass.
2 x amazing reformed #swampton bands.

Sun 26th, 12noon, Village in Kitchen - Acoustic Recovery. Free.
Abi Symes Music, Daniel Webster, Fay Morris Music Jakeland, Jayden Colban, JemmaMarie, Risky Kittens, Sam Morgan.


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