Real NZ Music on Screens

September 28th 2011
There is one question sure to be on every international visitor’s lips during the Rugby this September and October: What do we do between games?

"Almost every kiwi within earshot (either in the Fanzone itself or the neighbouring bars) all joined in on the ‘slice of heaven' chorus. It is a great comradery snapshot of NZ culture"

"Families with children have generally enjoyed them and most kids dance to the Scribe track" feedback from the Hamilton Fanzone

All over the country The REAL New Zealand Festival is celebrating the things we love most about New Zealand, from food and wine, to arts and music. This represents a unique opportunity to showcase the fantastic music made in New Zealand to visitors and local communities alike.

From community events to information centres around the nation, not to mention events around the games themselves, there are screens all over the country that are showcasing great local content that shows the depth of New Zealand’s diverse musical culture.
Thanks to funds granted by the NZ 2011 Festival Lottery Fund, the NZ Music Commission has compiled and produced REAL NZ Music On Screens – three two-hour music video compilations, featuring the best New Zealand music and music videos, past and present. 
Utilising the sizeable talents of internationally-acclaimed multi-media artist Mike Hodgson of The Dub Module, who specialise in creating large format video for LED walls and large scale video projection, these visual feasts will showcase the high quality of the music made, the technological excellence embraced by the video makers and, in many cases, the extraordinary scenery of Aotearoa.
Each two-hour compilation has a different ‘mood’, meaning that there will is a appropriate compile to show in every situation. Additionally, each music video will carries the name of the artist for the duration of the clip, ensuring that if viewers like what they see they can discover more.
The Music Commission is also keeping you up to date with music news, artist information and events from across the nation using the customised free mobile app. You can download the free app from the iTunes Store or text "nz music" to  3443.
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