The Music Producers Guild of NZ / Aotearoa.

October 29th 2020
Today sees the launch of the Music Producers Guild of NZ / Aotearoa (MPG NZ) which aims to foster and support a successful community of music producers and in turn, help champion and grow New Zealand music.

The MPG NZ is a non-profit trade organisation, enabled by funding and assistance from the New

Zealand Music Commission, Recorded Music New Zealand, NZ on Air, MMF NZ, SAE

Auckland and APRA NZ.


The annual membership fee of $100 enables members to access free personalised contracts

and short-form deal memos, created by legal partners Media Arts Lawyers, for producing,

mixing and performer releases. Members will also be provided with free licences from primary

tech partners Serato, along with future deals from a range of industry partners.


Members will have full access to the MPG NZ website which includes an FAQ section on

producer royalty payments, clarification of studio roles, music arranging, industry advice, and

accounting advice on royalties.


The website will also be providing details of repair techs, legal, accounting, insurance

services, audio courses and with other music industry related information, as well as developing

a directory of studio and producer for interested members.


To join the MPG NZ please go to

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