Tune in for Te Wiki O Te Reo Maori

July 7th 2016
Across Aotearoa New Zealand there are iwi radio stations - twenty one of them where where you can hear the sweet sounds of New Zealand.

Every year since 1975 New Zealand has marked Māori Language Week. This is a time for all New Zealanders to celebrate te reo Māori (the Māori language).

The Māori name for the NZ Music Commission is Te Reo Reka O Aoteoroa – which means The Sweet Sounds of Aoteoroa … What better time than Te Wiki o Te Reo Maori to tune in to your local iwi radio station and find some new sweet sounds!


Station   Frequencies    
Te Hiku o te Ika   97.1FM    
Tautoko FM   97.5FM, 99.5FM, 97.2FM and 105.3FM    
Ngāti Hine FM   99.1FM and 99.6FM    
Radio Wāatea   603AM    
Ngā Iwi FM   92.2FM, 92.4FM, 92.7FM, 92.8FM, 99.6FM and 105.1FM    
Radio Tainui    95.4FM, 95.7FM, 96.5FM and 106.4FM    
Tumeke FM    96.9FM and 106.5FM    
Moana Radio   98.2FM and 1440AM    
Te Arawa FM    89.7FM    
Raukawa FM   90.6FM, 93.2FM and 95.7FM    
Maniapoto FM   91.8FM, 92.7FM, 99.6FM and 106FM    
Te Korimako o Taranaki   94.8FM, 97.6FM and 98.4FM    
Radio Ngāti Porou   585AM, 89.3FM, 90.5FM, 98.5FM and 105.3FM    
Turanga FM   91.7FM, 95.7FM and 98.1FM    
Tuwharetoa FM   89.4FM, 92.0FM, 95.1FM, 97.6FM and 100.6FM    
Awa FM   100FM, 91.0FM and 93.5FM    
Radio Kahungunu   765AM and 94.3FM    
Kia Ora FM   89.8FM    
Atiawa Toa FM   100.9FM and 94.9FM    
Te Upoko o te Ika   1161AM    
Tahu FM 90.5FM, 90.7FM, 95FM, 99.6FM and Sky Digital


And over at Irirangi.net you can listen to live streams of most of these stations - no matter where in the world you are!



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