Jon Toogood Mentoring at Waimea College

November 3rd 2013
Waimea College band Pip West Quartet played their hearts out in front of veteran Kiwi rocker Jon Toogood.

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The band was pulled up for a performance during a music mentoring session put on by the New Zealand Music Commission. Toogood is the frontman for hard rock band Shihad, and recently performed with Julia Deans in the Nelson Arts Festival.

After watching Toogood perform a solo version of Shihad song Run, bassist Peter Thomson, guitarist Matthew Hammond and the rest of the quartet rocked Stevie Wonder's Superstition.

Around 50 senior students from Waimea's music programme heard Toogood speak about the nature of creativity and being a musician. Matthew said the afternoon had given him a good insight into what he needed to do to take his passion for guitar further.

"There's not one school where I don't meet somebody where, if they wanted to [become a professional], they could probably do it," Toogood said.

He said it was important for young musicians to understand that making mistakes in the course of songwriting and musicianship was acceptable, and "not being afraid to suck".

"It's about getting rid of those voices that say you can't do it and backing yourself."

Toogood said he enjoyed the teaching sessions immensely.

"Maybe because it's to do with the fact that I'm basically 16 years old inside."


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