NZMM 2023 Resources

May 15th 2023
We have amazing resources ready for you to use in the classroom!


  • "Give it a Whirl - The NZ On Screen website is a great resource for revisiting great TV and film moments from our past, and the library is slowly building. A recent addition is 'Give It A Whirl', a six-part documentary that was originally screened in 2003. It recounts the history of rock 'n' roll in Aotearoa and features such greats as Johnny Cooper, Tim Finn, and Ray Columbus. We have a 4 page schools resource that will be available to use alongside the relevant episodes. " 

  • Gig Starters Unit Plan & Poster

    This unit plan will guide a class through all of the phases of running a music event, from writing band bios, making posters, learning to "plug in" all the way through to promoting and hosting an event.  

  • Jeremy Redmore Songwriting Basics 
    "Songwriting Basics" written by Jeremy Redmore of Midnight Youth. It's aimed at younger learners but generally it's helpful stuff!
  • NZMM Posters

  • NZ Music Month May Book 
    Community and Collaboration is reflected throughout this year’s May Book – our 23rd edition.  There is plenty of information in this bumper May Book edition about the different music support agencies and organisations in Aotearoa, their roles in the musical landscape and how they might be able to help! 
  • Songstarters II 
    This issue we have two more incredible artists explaining how a waiata (song) of theirs came to be - Theia (who also performs as TE KAAHU, her te reo Māori project), and Wairehu Grant (aka te reo post-punk act Half/Time).  

  • Paige - Tō Aroha · 
     - sheet music, chords & lyric sheets for Paige’s waiata "Tō Aroha”. 


  • HLSA collection 
    Compilation (Digital) via MENZA


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