NZ Indie Mix Tape USBS Are Here!

July 14th 2010
During NZ Music Month asked the public to vote on their favourite tracks, and hey presto the Indie Mix Tape tracklist came together.

Now you can get one for yourselves in the form of a choice limited-edition USB with
vinyl copies not too far away either!


  1. "Bed Sores" by Rackets
  2. "Human Heart from Modern Art" by Knives At Noon
  3. "My Mind is in My Paws" by Wilberforces
  4. "Summer Day" by Hello Riley
  5. "Easy Come, Easy Go" by Pink Pound Experience
  6. "Maubeuge (feat Lil Sister Jen)" by Psyrok
  7. "Best Damn Evening" by Tommy Ill
  8. "Better Not" by Inverse Order
  9. "Crack + Tool Tshirt = Rock FM Listener" by god bows to math
  10. "Tappa Tappa Tappa" by Bear Cat
  11. "Nietzsche is Dead" by Rifles
  12. "Alligators" by Brand New Math

Plus BONUS USB tracks:

  1. "Future" by Alex the Kid
  2. "KO" by Devils Elbow
  3. "The Feeling" by Scene
  4. "Glass Tiger" by Nightchoir

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