NZ on Air Begin Music Review

June 24th 2010
NZ On Air have undertaken a review to look at their domestic music work and would like your input too. Here's the note from the NZ On Air Team:

Last year, we commissioned music industry consultant, Chris Caddick, to do an independent review of our so-called Phase Five international New Zealand music work.  He delivered his report in December.

See here.

Let’s call the international review “Caddick 1”.

This year, we are doing a full-on review of our domestic music work.  We commissioned the review in March.  Chris Caddick will do this review too and so ... let’s call this one “Caddick 2”.  He is due to report in December this year.

You can see a copy of the full terms of reference for Caddick 2 here.
As part of the review, we are inviting anyone and everyone who has got an opinion to let us hear what they have got to say via an online survey.  See here for how you can have your say.  Anyone and everyone welcome!

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