Wordsby: A Unique Collaboration of Art & Lyrics

July 22nd 2010
Closet.co.nz has collaborated with a group of New Zealand’s top designers, artists & illustrators to create a series of unique, t-shirt designs based on a favourite home grown song lyric of their choosing, the result is WORDSBY.

Curated by award winning artist, designer & illustrator Kelvin Soh, WORDSBY twists the classic band t-shirt,  by shifting emphasis from the band to the song, and invites interesting mash ups, personal stories and surprising interpretations.
“Traditionally the design for a band tee comes from the band’s vision. WORDSBY flips that totally on it’s head by allowing the designers vision to shine through in its entirety, unencumbered and uninhibited, as an artist but most importantly as a fan. All the band needs to do is write an amazing song that has captured the hearts and minds of a nation - easy” Dave Gibson
Along with the traditional shop being located at www.closet.co.nz  a blog site www.wordsby.co.nz has been set up for a more in-depth look at the artists involved, current & future submissions as well as a full list of NZ songs that have signed up for WORDSBY.
WORDSBY is available now on Closet, with an exhibition planned for mid-August to coincide with the design conference Semi-Permanent.

Shihad, The Clean, Dimmer, The Verlaines, Hello Sailor, The Mint Chicks, Ladyhawke, The Body Electric, The Exponents, The Naked and Famous, K’Lee, Minuit, Dam Native.

Special Problems, Kelvin Soh, Juliet Arnott, Sarah Maxey, Sarah Larnach, Erin Forsyth, Tom Henry, Henrietta Harris, Minna Pesonen, Simon Chesterman.

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