Outward Sound Recipients Round 3 2023

September 1st 2023
The New Zealand Music Commission | Te Reo Reka o Aotearoa is pleased to share the results for the third round of Outward Sound this year.

Outward Sound provides assistance for market development initiatives, encouraging and supporting the entry of New Zealand music and musicians into global markets. New Zealand music industry practitioners (artists, managers etc.) and firms (record companies and associated businesses) can apply for assistance through the programme for a range of international market development activities including:


•           Market visits

•           In-market representation

•           Publicity and promotion

•           Marketing materials

•           Showcases, trade fairs and other events


The Outward Sound programme is implemented and managed by the New Zealand Music Commission. It is inclusive of music from all genres, styles and niches and applicants may target the international markets that are appropriate to them. Bands, composers, songwriters, producers, and solo artists - at different stages of international market development - are able to access the programme. The foundations of the programme are research, collaboration, network development and information sharing.


For further information visit: http://nzmusic.org.nz/international/


Congratulations to the 31 International Music Market Development Grant recipients this round:


1.     Fazerdaze’s tours of Australia, UK, Europe and visas for the US in support of the release of Fazerdaze's anticipated sophomore album Soft Power.


2.     The VeilsEU/UK visit and US tour dates for the band in a reduced capacity (solo / duo shows).


3.     Written By Wolveseleven-date headline tour through Europe and the UK in support of new album.


4.     Princess Chelsea and band's debut headline tour of North America.


5.     The Beths to tour US in support of The National, play headline shows and summer festivals.


6.     Jonathan Bree’s headline tour of North America in support of Pre-Code Hollywood album release.


7.     Beacon Bloom’s fifteen-date tour of USA in support of upcoming EP + singles and to raise international profile.


8.     Georgia LinesBIGSOUND/US performance Visa costs and debut album international marketing campaign for the US and Australia.


9.     Park Rd at SXSW Sydney in support of debut album and future live opportunities 2023.


10.  Tiny Ruinseleven-date tour of the United Kingdom, Germany and France as a duo, to play and promote new album Ceremony released via Marathon Artists.


11.  K + Lab’s 23-date tour of U.S.A, Canada and Australia in support of their latest album Beasts.


12.  SXMPRA’s market visit to USA for Lyrical Lemonade Summer Smash and So What?! Festivals and writing sessions with US artists and producers followed by a 26-date US tour supporting US artist, HAARPER.


13.  SWIDT Showcasing in and around BIGSOUND and SXSW Sydney as well as  expanding networks and  collaboration opportunities with other artist in both Brisbane and Sydney.


14.  Devilskin’s Australian Largerfest 2023 shows – four-date Australian tour playing alongside The Halo Effect and Beyond The Black.


15.  Earth Tongue’s fourteen-date tour of Europe supporting Swedish band Greenleaf, as well as festival appearances and headline shows.


16.  Jujulipps showcasing in and around BIGSOUND and SXSW Sydney.


17.  Xile’s five-date headline tour of major Japanese cities.


18.  Soaked Oatsartist showcase at SXSW Sydney and AU tour dates.


19.  Daily J showcasing in and around SXSW Sydney.


20.  There’s A Tuesday showcasing in and around SXSW Sydney.


21.  Reb Fountain with full band and management plan to attend BIGSOUND 2023 to perform two official showcases and a side-show in Sydney (along with a rescheduled COVID-postponed show in Melbourne).


22.  WHO SHOT SCOTT’s official BIGSOUND and SXSW Sydney shows in Australia in September and October 2023, coinciding with the release cycle of the first 2 singles of the new EP.


23.  9livesmarket visit to the USA for writing sessions and meetings with labels and other potential industry partners.


24.  ASHY to perform at the SXSW Sydney conference.


25.  MAZBOU Q performances at BIGSOUND and SXSW Sydney, and a series of Rap Flow Theory presentations in Australia and North America.


26.  Wells*’s producer/writing trip to LA from September through to November.


27.  Vera Ellen’s showcase at SXSW Sydney in support of introducing Vera Ellen to international market following release of sophomore album.


28.  Loop to visit SXSW Sydney to strengthen relationships with international partners, and look for additional partners for upcoming releases from a number of NZ artists.


29.  Mousey showcasing in and around SXSW Sydney.


30.  MISSY’s market visit to co-write with US artists, develop business relationships and pursue networking, writing and producing opportunities.


31.  hanbee’s trip to SXSW Sydney to meet and perform in front of potential new partners.


Round 4 of Outward Sound is currently open for applications. Applications close October 9th 2023 at 5PM. 


More information on the scheme can be obtained by emailing international@nzmusic.org.nz


Media enquiries should be directed to international@nzmusic.org.nz Artist photos are available upon request.


Pictured artist: Earth Tongue | Photo credit: Izzie Austin

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