Upcoming Outward Sound Round

June 29th 2020
The next round of the international music marketing and development programme Outward Sound closes on Monday 6 July at 5:00pm.


The Outward Sound office is recommending that all new applications focus on promotional activities that do not require international travel.


These promotional activities should be tied to a new international release, or supporting a recent international release, which has traction and/or generated interest in overseas territories.


Grants for promotional activities are recommended not to exceed a maximum of $15,000 and will still require matching funds from the applicant, as is always needed for Outward Sound applications.


Interested applicants should contact the Outward Sound office for the link and password for the application form as well as a guidelines on the types of fundable promotional activities and their corresponding financial parameters. To talk to the Outward Sound team, email: international@nzmusic.org.nz


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