The Aotearoa Touring Programme was a contestable fund designed to reinvigorate the live music sector and assist in the recovery from the effects of COVID-19 in the domestic touring market. The Programme invested in approved domestic touring costs, to enable more NZ artists to grow sustainable careers and increase the access to live music for NZ audiences.

*Please note* The Aotearoa Touring Programme is now closed.

If you are currently planning a tour, please feel free to check out some useful resources here.

One of the initiatives in the Government’s New Zealand Music Recovery Fund, the Aotearoa Touring Programme was part of the Manatū Taonga Ministry of Culture & Heritage led Arts & Culture COVID Recovery Programme, which focused on the recovery, regeneration and revitalisation of the cultural sector.

The Aotearoa Touring Programme was run by Te Reo Reka o Aotearoa | The New Zealand Music Commission to grow the potential for original New Zealand artists touring across Aotearoa and enable more New Zealanders to experience live, local music.

It was a matched investment programme (i.e. the programme matched the recipient’s investment), so applicants could apply for 50% of the eligible costs for undertaking national tours across Tiers 1 and 2. The two tiers had a different maximum limit for each grant as well as different criteria.

For further information about the Aotearoa Touring Programme, please contact Danya Yang at