Touring Well with Chris Dent from Albi & The Wolves

  • What do you always do before you go onstage?
    I always warm up. That is an essential. We all do it in our different ways and to be honest we sound a little kooky doing lip rolls but it always makes a difference.

    How many days in a row can you perform? -before your voice/body needs a break.
    5 is my limit I think. After that I start to go a little crazy. I suspect some people can do more but that's enough for me

    What hacks do you have to make sure you get enough rest?
    Well not drinking or only drinking a little bit goes a long way on the road. If we are lucky travel during the day isn't too long but if it is, Pascal and Micheal share the drives so one can always rest. Sleep whenever you can and take time for yourself too. Reading helps me a whole bunch as even in a busy airport I can escape for a little bit. Every rest adds up so take it on and don't spend all of your time in transit looking at a screen.

    If eating a balanced diet is important to you, how are you able to find healthy options while you are touring?
    Good planning allows for better eating. Take healthy and hardy snacks wherever you go so you don't have to find food late at night. We typically have nuts, water, and popcorn on hand. Also getting to your venue early and getting set up allows for a bit more time to find something to eat that may be healthier for you.

    What do you enjoy most about touring?
    The people we meet and the places we wind up staying. I think I have seen sides of this country and the world that I never ever would have seen had I been traveling in a conventional sense. I've stayed in houses that are built into native bush, or have looked out over the sea, spent time in 13th century towns in Germany and have camped out on the floor of my friend's parents houses. It's special and communal and there is nothing like it. It is hard work and can be very lonely but playing a great gig on the other side of the world? Nothing really compares to that. So maybe playing music in new places, where we stay and who we meet are all tied as my favourite things.

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