Touring Well with Kuki Blaze (Iain Gordon)

  • How many days in a row can you perform? - before your voice/body needs a break.

    As a band we like to keep it to 3 in a row before having a day or 2 rest. We'll do 4 sometimes but thats absolute max.
    We do 2 and a 1/2 hour shows so its physically, creatively and mentally challenging and rest days are essential to keeping our shows on point.
    Rest keeps the mood in the camp good, stuff can get real if we're exhausted, and really real if we're hungry!

    What hacks do you have to make sure you get enough rest?
    Rest whenever I can. On the bus, in the plane, back stage just whenever.
    Though it's nice to get off the tour bus and get into a hotel, I find hotels a bit quiet and boring and sleeping can be a challenge.
    To get to sleep I set the timer on my computer to shut down in an hour and then put something slightly mindless on Netflix. I'm usually asleep before the computer shuts off.

    If eating a balanced diet is important to you, how are you able to find healthy options while you are touring?
    We have fantastic catering in most of the venues we play these days, so there's always good healthy options. The problem with touring can be eating too much! There is a lot of waiting around and always platters so snacking constantly can occur. And the free breakfast at the hotel is a trap... I'm like ITS FREE I gotta eat it.
    Personally I also pack a camp stove, pot, chopsticks and spices and on the days off hit the supermarket and make a fav meal. Keeps me normal.

    What do you enjoy most about touring?
    Playing music and developing as a musician and band.
    It's what all of us individually have always wanted to do, and we're all grateful we get to. I pinch myself regularly that our strange mash up brand of acoustic electronic soul roots techno jams make their way all over the world.
    I also love the friendships we have developed over years of touring, with each other, with the crew who work with us and the also the amazing people we have met along the way.