Touring Well with Logan Bell from Katchafire

  • What do you always do before you go onstage?
    Always try have a nap, if I can. As a family we always do Karakia before we take the stage.

    How many days in a row can you perform? -before your voice/body needs a break.
    One of our tours to the USA we have done like 16 shows in 15 days, when we travel abroad its mahi time. After about 4 nights I can feel the voice wanting a rest. No yelling or even talking, save it for the stage.

    What hacks do you have to make sure you get enough rest? A pre gig nap, also I can't go without my lippomix vitamin c sachet.

    If eating a balanced diet is important to you, how are you able to find healthy options while you are touring?
    Very hard to eat well on the road, but we all buy groceries and cook on our tour bus. We got juice club that happens everyday. 

    What do you enjoy most about touring?
    Getting to spread love, worldwide, I still love what I do and it's a buzz seeing the fire fans appreciation for us.

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