Touring Well with Mark Williams

  • What do you always do before you go onstage?
    I try to hit the ground running. I breathe deeply, do a few quick stretches of my legs and my arms, shake off my hands, get the blood pumping, and go!

    How many days in a row can you perform? -before your voice/body needs a break
    4 in a row is probably tops. These days 3 is preferable.

    What hacks do you have to make sure you get enough rest?
    The actual travel is the most tiring part of touring. Followed by the waiting around to do the travel and or shows. If you can do your best to sleep while you do that, it helps. I don't really have any hacks. I should probably get more rest than I do. I sleep whenever I can. If we're on a big run of shows I'll try and save all my energy all day until show time. So sometimes there's not much sightseeing.

    If eating a balanced diet is important to you, how are you able to find healthy options while you are touring?
    I am blessed to be able to tour with a group of culinary wizards who love fine food. The Freddy's are infamous for it, to the point where people around the world want to share their finest with us. I've been introduced to so much great food through music its astonishing. When we travel Europe most of the shows are catered and there are some fantastic people who pride themselves on providing healthy, tasty, high energy kai for the touring musician. Its Great!!

    What do you enjoy most about touring?
    New cities are always exciting for me. I love exploring a new town on a day off but actually doing the shows and discovering new places and people is the fun part. That gives me energy!