Touring Well with The Butlers

  • What do you always do before you go onstage?

    Recently we've been fans of putting on dance party tracks- in particular the absolute tune that is Charly Black's 'Gyal You A Party Animal.' Some very meaningful and relatable lyrics in there. Other than that we just make sure we're 'Malin It' and we always do a wee team huddle and a good luck to one another with a couple cuddles here and there too of course.

    How many days in a row can you perform? - before your voice/body needs a break.

    It's different for most of us, but over New Years we did a week with a gig everyday with some days having two, including a spot at RNA then flying straight to Tauranga to play at a New Years party followed by Bay Dreams the next day. We were all pretty mal'd after that, and there were some lost voices for sure. But we've definitely learnt going forward how important it is to have some decent breaks in between the busy periods.

    What hacks do you have to make sure you get enough rest?
    Yeaaaah we're yet to figure that one out I guess, but Mal (our lead guitarist) always drinks a very wholesome lemon honey and ginger drink that seems to keep him pretty well rested. Sleeping in the car on the way is pretty crucial too, our bass player Jordy is notorious for being able to sleep anywhere at anytime no matter the noise which I know most of us are envious of.

    If eating a balanced diet is important to you, how are you able to find healthy options while you are touring?
    We're all pretty good with food but sometimes we have a blowout or two (nine). Mandarins are mean. When you see the boys getting into the fruits you know there's some sustenance needed that's for sure. We all ate a pretty hefty amount of sushi during our summer stint, so I guess that's better than other stuff right?

    What do you enjoy most about touring?
    Just being together with the fellas, playing to heaps of people with smiles on their faces, and hearing them sing words back to you is definitely a feeling that's hard to forget. Getting to open for big bands and experience their pretty epic daily schedules is sick, and also having epic bands open for us is super cool to and grooving to them before we play.