Venue of the Day - Orange Studios

  • What drives you to bring live music to your area?

    MONEY.... Alllllll the money. No, just jokes. We opened in June in 2014 with a dream to have a space that was perfect for getting a live recorded video with studio quality audio, as a good way for an adoring audience (and their ticket sales) to help out with the costs of tracking an album! Five years on, we have now hosted hundreds of performing groups and made scores of videos capturing amazing music from NZ artists and around the world.

    What days of the week do you have live music?

    All of them! Well... some of them. We host a lot of touring artists who are often on their own tight schedules, so we just work in with tour dates and keep people in the know about when we have something on. At a guess, we host on average about one show per week which is often music but also comedy, podcast recordings, theatre and improv.

    Tell us about a favourite live music moment?
    When a little audience member piped up from the back of the room and yelled and the top of her voice "That was AMAZING!" at a show. Watch here

    Also, at the same gig, when we had a conga line going around the studio to some Balkan inspired gypsy-roots music! Talk about cultural cross-overs.

    Please give us details of how and where people can find your venue?
    You can check out what shows we have on at or sign up to our mailing list or check out our Facebook events and our Youtube channel.
    To book in a show email