Venue of the Day - The Dome Cinema

  • What drives you to bring live music to your area?

    Gisborne is such a fantastic place although a little off the beaten track. We have an amazing venue and an amazing crowd of music lovers - when bands play at The Dome the world is perfect.

    What days of the week do you have live music?

    We have bands mainly on Friday and Saturday nights but can have acts any night of the week we're open, especially in summer in our fabulous garden bar

    Tell us about a favourite live music moment?

    Strangely Arousing were playing live and were using a smoke machine. The fire alarms went off and I had to put on my fire warden hat and ask everyone (200 people) to evacuate. No one took a blind bit of notice as they were having so much fun. The boys played louder and louder to drown out the alarms and everyone was in a frenzy of excitement. It was hilarious and made for a great party.

    Please give us details of how and where people can find your venue?
    You can find us online - and on Facebook and Instagram. We are in the grand old Poverty Bay Club, corner of Childers Road and Customhouse Street, Gisborne.