Venue of the Day - The Portland Public House

  • What drives you to bring live music to your area?

    We want to be involved in the community and we think live music is the best way of bringing people together both for listeners and performers.

    What days of the week do you have live music?
    Tuesday till Saturday every evening of the week.

    Tell us about a favourite live music moment?
    I have many favourite music moments but the best is when i see raw and upcoming talents winning hearts of many on our open mic night every Tuesday. Tuesday night our room is filled with the best musicians our community offer in the area and its good listening to their music and knowing them as person.

    Please give us details of how and where people can find your venue?
    We are very active on FB with almost 9k followers, very active on google page and noted down by many media companies like Urbanlist, Denizen and Concrete Playground for our live music scene.