Venue of the Day - The Victoria Arms Hotel

  • What drives you to bring live music to your area?

    I find it all part of the business, keeping your customers interested in coming back. We like to connect with new and just starting out bands, for them to have a chance to be put on the stage in front of a live audience. Listening to their songs is amazing, not only for the crowd but for the performer themselves.

    What days of the week do you have live music?

    Any day really, depends on the occasion, lol!! We have our regular Karaoke night every Thursday from 8pm and Friday and Saturdays seem to work well.

    Tell us about a favourite live music moment?

    Oh, hands down had to be the first performance from Jordon Luck Band, it was amazing, seeing it all come together. The crowd was amazing and had people wanting more. It was talked about in our wee town for months after, and we are so excited to have them back for round two 31 May 2019.

    Please give us details of how and where people can find your venue?

    Situated in Old Cromwell Town, 65-67 Melmore Terrace, Cromwell 9310,
    03 4450607, and find us on Facebook for all event updates, Jan & Krystan Tall (Owners)