Venue of the Day - Whammy!

  • What drives you to bring live music to your area?
    Independent venues are essential, to the economic, social and cultural lifeblood of any city and we hope to contribute to the character and cultural importance of Auckland City. We are super privileged and proud to be able to provide a space where artists and promoters can "cut their teeth", to earn their craft, built experience, gain a fan base, and hopefully earn money that makes everything else from there possible! We are equally as privileged and proud to see that happen night after night. To be able to provide a creative space and be a part of a community. That's what drives us!

    What days of the week do you have live music?

    We can have music every day of the week (and sometimes we do). Mostly, we are open between Wednesday and Saturday with two gigs happening simultaneously in Whammy Mainroom (cap 200) and the Backroom (cap 100)

    Tell us about a favourite live music moment?

    So many...

    • The inaugural annual Bowie Night (2016) - hundreds of sequined, star-dusted, happy people queuing up halfway along KRoad (on a Wednesday night) to celebrate Bowie's life - he had passed away 2 days before.
    • King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard's first headline New Zealand show in 2017 with Mild High Club (USA) and La Luz (USA) - 5 nights in a row in 

    • The time Joe kicked Chris Shiflet (Foo Fighters) out of the bar when unbeknownst to Joe, Rise Against was using it to practice before the Foo Fighters/Rise Against 2015 show later that night (Joe thought he had broken in) 

    • The Aldous Harding show in 2016 where THS SONG was captured 
    • The 2018 Unknown Mortal Orchestra SECRET show - we all rushed up to Whammy AFTER their Town Hall show OR the live Radio NZ National sessions filmed at the bar earlier that year. 
    • Our Annual Whammyfest - two days and nights of the best of New Zealand's up & coming punk, indie, electronic, rap, noise groups across the three music venues (Whammy! Backroom and Wine Cellar) every October since 2014!


    Please give us details of how and where people can find your venue?
    Whammy! and The Backroom at Whammy! are two independent underground music venues, right in the heart of Auckland City, found in St Kevins Arcade on Karangahape Road. Doors open at 830 PM - see you at the Bars!

    Whammy! Bar & Backroom!
    Two underground bars right in the heart of Auckland City - made with love by tour promoters, sound engineers, and musicians!