2022 NZ Music Commission Musicians Mentoring Programme

  • Q: How can I apply for a Mentor to visit my school?

    A: https://forms.gle/xv6cuNyLTqKnHJ7M7 -  If you have any questions, please email our Bookings Coordinator, angel@nzmusic.org.nz

    Q: How can I find out who is currently Mentoring?

    A: You'll find biographies and photos of all of our Mentors through the links on the Education home page.

    Q: I've applied, what next?

    A: You will receive a confirmation email from our Education team. They will discuss the particulars of your application with you and help you with choosing an appropriate Mentor. If your application is successful, the Bookings Coordinator will help you with scheduling your Mentor visits. 

    Q: Our school is low decile/high decile/in an urban area/in a rural area...when can a Mentor come work with us?

    A: Mentorships are scheduled based on the Mentor's (and students') availability and budget for Mentor fees and other expenses, such as travel. According to our contract with the Ministry of Education, lower decile schools, priority learners, and schools outside of main urban centres are given special consideration. 

    Q: My application wasn't successful. Why?

    A: Our programme is funded for at least 60 schools per year and applications always greatly exceed this number. Reasons we may not be able to bring a Mentor to your school this year are: your school has had a Mentorship recently and other applicants have not; your school is in an area where a Mentor is not available to travel or travel costs are prohibitive, your school is very high decile and many lower decile schools have applied and are given special consideration. 

    Q: How long are the Mentorships?

    A: Each school is funded for around 10 hours of Mentoring. Usually, this is over two full days in rural areas and five visits of two hours each in urban areas, or areas where the Mentor is local. 

    Q: Can my Mentor come for extra sessions/our school assembly/prizegivings?

    A: We would like every Mentor to be able to spend more time with your wonderful students! However, our current funding structure means the Mentor is limited to a total of 10 hours at your school. 

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