APRA (Australasian Performing Right Association) - with Petrina George


    Petrina George talks us through APRA, their royalty collection/distribution process, and their services.

    • What is APRA/AMCOS?
    • How are royalties collected through APRA?
    • How are royalties distributed through APRA?
    • Is registering a jingle a different process to registering a song?
    • The difference between APRA and AMCOS
    • How are song writing splits determined?
    • Are royalties collected when your work is communicated through Youtube, Myspace etc?
    • Percentage splits are determined within the band, but is there a general guideline?
    • What is the difference between APRA/AMCOS and PPNZ?
    • What happens if I leave the band, but they continue to perform the song I contributed to?